Can You Buzz

Story Behind The Song

inspired by The Bee Movie

Song Length 4:41 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Language English
Era 2000 and later


These stripes ain't nothin' - these stripes don't help
And why do I gotta be a stirrer - I gotta get out
I wanna see the world - like the Pollen Jockies
This Barry Bee Benson - wants more than buzzin
I wanna be somethin'

Now this sweet Vanessa - this wonderful human
Says all life has value - so alive and bloomin'
And so now I have - I have a new friend
Her magical forest - I'm so lovin'
So don't even make me - make me have to change

You gotta Buzz Like a Bee Barry
You gotta think "bee"
You gotta love only me Barry
It's not just honey - it's "us" and "them"
You gotta Buzz Like a Bee Barry
You gotta think "bee"
You gotta love only me Barry
It's not just money - it's all we know

Well there's this box-boy - this honey supplier
Like the Honey Farm - countin' all their money
Mister Montgomery - you don't really believe
We ain't striped savages - we ain't pervertin' nature
We're just bees - so let us be


Vanessa, how can it be
That Barry
Is so sweet

So just buzz Barry - yeah just buzz
Not just because - you're a little bee
They don't know what to do, now they don't have to make honey
There's no more flowers - and you're livin' my life
One more thing - stop datin' my wife



Lyrics DJ Keohan Music DJ keohan
Producer DJ Keohan Publisher 2017
Performance DJ Keohan


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