Burt Bruton

Burt Bruton

One By One

Song Description

Band members are dying off, one by one.

Song Length 4:56 Genre Blues - Gospel, Jazz - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Heaven, Friend Similar Artists Aretha Franklin
Language English Era 1960 - 1969



Noisy bar, Saturday,
Me and Ronnie take the stage and play.
We sound better with beer, cold cold beer.
We're the two that survive,
Drinking, jamming, spitting in death's eye
For another few years.

One by one, my friends are disappearing,
Floating off to glory when their work down here is done.
When my time comes, the angels will be cheering
For all the sinners coming home, one by one.

We lost Junior last June,
I still miss him singing, howling at the moon.
And then we lost Vince, Guitar Vince.
Vince was shot through the heart,
After a midnight gig, behind the Quickie Mart
Over eighty-four cents-- makes no sense.

High up on his cloud,
God must laugh out loud
When hell-raisers like me and Ronnie pray.
Lord, it don't seem right,
We work so hard to understand this life,
Then it dances away.

Lyrics Burt Bruton & Diane Bello Music Burt Bruton & Diane Bello
Producer Burt Bruton Publisher Burt Bruton
Performance Vocal & Piano: Diane Bello; Organ: Ron Chassner; guitars & bass: Burt Bruton

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