Tonight the Riots Begin (live)

Song Length 3:42 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Similar Artists Bruce Springsteen, The Moody Blues Language English
Era 2000 and later


The South Bank's looking beautiful tonght,
Lights dance across the water,
Like fire, it looks so right,

And the buskers play despite the rain,
Symphonies with no name,
And I swear it's magic fills these streets all night long,

This is where I belong

Don't you know I put my makeup on,
I fixed my hair up pretty,
Pulled my stockings up coz I hear there's a storm abrewing,
Well the word came in late last night,
That there's a trouble bustin' in
Well tonight we get to see those corner boys do their thing,
Tonight the riots begin.

And the roads are flowing like holy water,
As beauty and the beast fight it out in the street,
Well this is where the hungry and the hunted meet.

And in the park there's switchblade prophets,
Preaching their songs,
Well, this is where I belong


Well baby do you remember when we used to play,
All our childish games down by the waterway?
And baby do you remember when we used to say,
How we'd never go back once we'd gpt away?

Well we were wrong,
Coz this is where we belong.

(CORUS) x2
Oh let the riots begin...

Lyrics Bow Jenkins Music Bow Jenkins
Producer Bow Jenkins Publisher Bow Jenkins
Performance Bow Jenkins Label Bow Jenkins

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