Black Rain Falling

Song Description

The youth and beauty that existed amongst these people, and then how gradually it is stripped away, leaving you to hide from the harsh realities of the world... This is a catch 22 - they hide to keep away from the world that's destroyed them, but by hidin

Song Length 3:31 Genre Pop - Rock, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Incensed Subject Life, General
Similar Artists Bruce Springsteen, Sarah Mclachlan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Young lover huddled on te back seats,
Just rtying to catch a moment of peace,
We sat with hte Rat Pack up on the screen.

They were romancing some moviestar beauty queen,
That we'd never even dreamed,
And they rode in the slickest cars we'd ever seen.

This life was one we'd never been told,
And we were sold before they kicked us out in the cold,
We took our shelter on the backstreets.
From the black rain falling,
The black rain falling.

Those barefoot petticoat girls that used to sit and talk all day,
Sipping their icy drinks in that soft summer way,
Leaning against the bonnets and bars that would let them have their say,
Well now those barefoot petticoat girls have gone away.

I found them just the other day,
Silent and growing old they, they waste away,
They took their shelter on the backstreets,
From the black rain falling,
The black rain falling.

Well, on those streets they're drowning, shooting curses at the sky,
Now they just lie down and take it, lie down and wait to die,
And they're hiding in their thousands, damning all the lies,
When it's the truth that's stealing everything - they give them selves a price...

The train for the lost souls and thieves and fallen kings and queens,
And all other broken majesties and tragedies,
Keeps on coming up behing me, but I'm running out of steam,
I'd keep on going but I'm soaked form my head to my feet,
In black rain falling,
In black rain falling,
Black rain falling,
Black rain falling.

Lyrics Bow Jenkins Music Bow Jenkkins
Producer Bow Jenkins Publisher Bow Jenkins
Performance Bow Jenkins Label Bow Jenkins
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