Blue Mandolin

Song Length 3:45 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists John Prine, Kris Kristofferson Language English
Era 2000 and later


Blue Mandolin
©2015 Greg Lambert

There's frost on the window
Pizza on the floor
Dishes in the kitchen
From the week before

I got clothes in the dryer
But I can't pay the power bill
The guitar is in the pawn shop
My last six- pack just got killed


I've been playing sad songs
Ever since you left
I sold the old piano
I shot the banjo to death

I've been wailing in the dark
I can't believe the shape I'm in
With a faded red harmonica
And this blue mandolin

I got crumbs on the sofa
Ants in my pants
I know I should do something
About my circumstance

I'll just let 'em bite me
While I try to play
I don't even know the chords
And it don't matter anyway



I've been so high strung
How could I have been so dumb


Very well done...... Loved it.....

Love the vocal, great lyric real good story. Acoustic instruments makes this song happen. Presentation very well arranged, chorus is very catchy. Harmony in the bridge is nice. I like the song it is very well done, the quality of the mix is very professional. I could enjoy hearing this group live bet they got lots more stuff.

Really cool song Greg!! Very well written, extremely creative, and very well delivered! Vocal and mix/arrangement are perfect for the subject matter. Great job!!

Nice work! Really liked it, and was singing along by the time the second chorus rolled around,

Much to like. Great hook line. Loved the break down at 1:5. Sound quality is great - nice mix for mandolin and guitar. Very creative lyrics. Liked that you held back before the backup voice came in it lifted the song. No improvement needed on your voice very easy to listen too,

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Performance Phillip Moore / Railroad Trax
Label Sunday Best Records
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