If You're Leavin', Say Goodbye (Brandmeier/Caputo)

Song Description

Man senses his wife isn't into their relationship anymore and wants her to speak up about it instead of going through the motions.

Song Length 3:56 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Country - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Restless Subject Sadness, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Jack Johnson, The Dave Matthews Band Language English
Era 2000 and later



Here it comes, another morning without words
Love is lonely when it's wrong

Cos' I could say "Good Morning" and you'll look like you're not sure
Love is lonely when it's gone, long gone, long gone
So take that feeling over there, where I can't reach you, cos' you don't care
Don't keep secrets, don't tell lies
If you're leavin' , say goodbye

Everyday I hear another distant cry
Is it yours or is it mine?
Can't even start a fight cos' you'll just let it lie
Just another warning sign ...that you're not mine, you're not mine
So, take that feeling over there, where I can't reach you, cos' you don't care
Don't keep secrets, don't tell lies
If you're leavin', say goodbye

Why all those wasted nights staring at the ceiling
When you could open up and tell me what you're feeling?
What are you feelin'?

Every night you're near I think of words unsaid
All your thoughts and all your fears
I reach to kiss, you close your eyes and turn your head
Are you dreaming through those tears that you're not here? Oh no you're not here
Well, take that feeling over there, where I can't reach you, Cos' you don't care
Don't keep secrets, don't tell lies
Take that feeling over there, where I can't reach you, If you don't care
Don't keep secrets, don't tell lies

If you're leavin', say goodbye
Say Goodbye

Needs work-I like it but tries to do to much -with the lyrics
However I almost cried has great potential

Voice is perfect, just beautiful

Very nice overall. An affecting melody, a 'hurting' story that's relatable, very good production and arrangement. I also like the singer's voice, and his nuanced singing is effective.

Very listenable. I can see this over a lot of scenes in a film. Great voice. Love the way the feel builds.

Great track - sounds like a cross between Simon and Garfunkel at the start, and the Daintees as it progresses. Love the bass drum reverb.

What a delicious, smooth and beautiful voice. I love the lyrics, so effortlessly sung and so melancholy. The wonderful voice and the lovely lyrics make me like the song in spite of the monotonous music, which I otherwise am not fond of, but here it works; it is a lovely song.

nice song. has a nice laid back style to it. good vocal phrasing and melody, understated style works very well. sweet song

Great emotion thru lyric and melody
Love the vibe of this song.
Hear this as a wonderful movie track song..
Nice production, too!

Lyrics Bobby Caputo Music Michael Brandmeier
Producer Michael Brandmeier & Scott Greiner Publisher Silent Hawk Music Publishing & Bobby Caputo Music Publishing
Performance Bobby Caputo & Michael Brandmeier Label SILENT HAWK RECORDS
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