Dance Hall Of Dreams

Story Behind The Song

This is a reflection on a more gentle age. It is about the life and love for each other of an "older" couple and is based around characters I used to meet when I managed a ballroom and theatre.

Song Description

A celebration of an older couple's love for each other. It reflects on how special their dance hall has been to their relationship. How they met there, fell in love and continued to dance through the war period and beyond.

Song Length 4:13 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Endearing Subject Madly In Love, Love at First Sight
Language English Era 2000 and later


Dance Hall Of Dreams
© 2014 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley

Style: Country Waltz 95bpm

Verse 1: She walked in on his arm with a smile on her face
Washed over by memories in this special place
Where she first saw him smile, it was love at first sight
What she felt then, she still feels tonight

Verse 2: He took her hand gently and walked to the floor
Together, familiar as always before
And the comfort he felt as he danced with his friend
He hoped that the dance wouldn't end

Chorus: So they waltzed like the old days, in a world of their own
Graceful together, in their spiritual home
They could carry on dancing, forever it seems
In love, in the dance hall of dreams

Bridge They'd never been parted for more than a day
When wartime was on them and he went away
But he made it home safely and she held him so tight
She said when you're ready we'll go dancing at night
One step at a time but I know what it means
To go back in the dance hall of dreams

Chorus: And they waltzed like the old days, in a world of their own
Graceful together, in their spiritual home
They will carry on dancing, forever it seems
In love, in the dance hall of dreams

Verse 3: She looked in his eyes and she wondered out loud
Do you still love me, do I still make you proud
He smiled at the question as he whisked her away
Nothings changed since our wedding day

Chorus: With the mirror ball spinning, sparkling light on the floor
They felt their heads swimming like youngsters once more
They would carry on dancing for ever it seems
In love, in the dance hall of dreams

They could will carry on dancing, forever it seems
Both lost, in the dance hall of dreams

Contact Information: Bob Bentley

Really nice song, it sounds well thought out.

Captures country style and sound perfectly. Really appreciate that the lyrics paint the pictures without being specifically literal=== we know it is a church without saying it, we know he went to war without saying it... we know time is going by... the song is very relatable and easy to listen to and evokes emotion. Well done

Can't fault the song at all. Great country ballad.

Great storytelling aspect nice instrumentation and the scene creation is really good, nice vocals and great vocals tone.

Love the overall vibe and tone

I really like this song with it's positive take of love lives on forever. A nice cowboy waltz.

Love the melody, waltz style, maybe an Irish tune.
James Taylor sound

Vocal is very good, kind of a Vern Gosdin vibe. The song has an excellent lyric, what a beautiful story it tells. An older couple goes through this world hand and hand, they are very much in love. when they dance like they used to when they were young. Now they are together dancing in the dance hall of dreams. I have heard this guy sing before he is a good writer and his delivery is great.

This a very nice song. love vibe....

Well..I really enjoyed heartwarming...the 3rd verse got me a little misty even...Vocal was spot on ( word)...good breath control going from line to line...effortlessly sounding. this would make a great little video....wouldn't need many props...just a dancehall...or maybe not even a dancehall...the kitchen would work, after all it's a "dream" isn't it? Great work...thanks

I'm feeling a distinct Irish vibe here in this song reminiscent of my several trips back to the homeland of my dear old dad, born in County Cork. You've crafted a masterpiece here, my friend! Kudos.

Pass the Kleenex. This song had me in tears. It reminds me so much of my mom and dad. As soon as I finish this review, I am going to send it to my mom. What a beautifully painted (sung/written) poignant picture of a faithful couple in love. The word pictures are phenomenal. It's a waltz/ballad/folk song. It could be sung at an anniversary celebration, a funeral or memorial service. My daddy passed away last year and this perfectly describes my parents' sweet relationship. Thank you for writing it; I'm glad you recorded it and whoever you wrote it for is surely blessed, as are those of us who hear it.

Very nice how the 2nd vocal come in at just the right spot and early. A very familiar sounding melody that soothes the soul as you listen to the story unfold. Love the waltz tempo, don't hear as much anymore. This one touches you in all the right ways!! Nice job.

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley
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