Song Length 4:06 Genre Rock - Americana, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Searching for Love, Attracted, Crush
Language English Era 2000 and later

Here's a salvation by girlfriend song. She loves the "monster" and helps him turn from Frankenstein into something better..."You're my best day." A very original concept vividly presented with a fascinating metaphor. There are some really notably sharp and original lyrics here that totally work: "dug me up, dust me off, put me back together again." "more monster than man" "fingers...scars...inch by inch." Some pretty amazing word pictures and imagery here. Love the guitar break, well-played. This song has a lot of potential and the writer has a fantastic original streak.

Awesome performance, great rockin tune and powerful vocals, suited for independent radio toots as is. Really excellent middle section, well produced without being sterile, very nicely done.

Lyrics Wiliam Manchester Music William Manchester
Producer Alex K productions Publisher bill Manchester
Performance Bill Manchester, Jacob Manchester, Alex K Label Bill Manchester
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Clean Clean

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