Desert Rose

Song Length 4:00 Genre Folk - Rock, Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Desert Rose
(4:00 William Manchester)


A desert rose, has no thorns, but it wounds just the same
Thoughts of you fill my mind, and it takes me back again
To a time and a place, that I?d like to forget
But there you are your back again and your messing with my mind


Well I know that pride, it can come even after the fall
You were there, you were the one, you thought you knew it all
But there?s nothing that you know


All those voices in your head, won?t talk to you anymore
You never listened to what was said, by them or anyone
You say you find yourself alone and it?s more than you can stand
Without you in my life, it?s made me a better man


You?ve got a habit that you need to feed, taking pleasure from pain
Guess all road just lead to me, but I can?t enable you
I think it?s time for you to reap, everything that you have sown
And see the world, it can survive without you in control

Excellent percussion work. Overall nice blend of instruments and vocals.
Nice instrumental progression.

This song is very well mixed. Nice balance. The vocals re excellent. The instrumentation is very good. Nice choice of instruments. Nice arrangement. Good dynamics. I like the tempo and how the song flows. I enjoyed it very much.

strong harmonies, cool and interesting instrumentation.

good rock track that has a nice pace of both tence and energy built up. liked the subtle musical touches throughout
and the style of the song, good driving music on the build up
would sound good up loud.

like it a lot - very cool vibe

Lyrics bill manchester Music bill manchester
Publisher bill manchester Performance bill manchester
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