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Coping with the heat

Song Length 2:37 Genre Pop - General, Jazz - General
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable Subject Hot, Fire, Heat, General
Similar Artists Randy Newman Language English


We've been movin' kinda slow
It seems
It's a temperature thing
How I wish it was spring
Or autumn
With its football air
But it's not, so we're coastin'
'Cause baby, it's roastin'

It's hotter than hades
It's tough on old ladies
It's a Scorcher outside
You can join my parade
To seek some sycamore shade
Before our senses get fried
With our backs to a tree
We'll sip some sweet, cloudy tea
Toast this mean summer sun
While we pray for a breeze
To knock the heat to its knees
Gotta be a hundred and one
Plus one, plus one

I've contemplated moves
To cooler climes
But I know from the past
That this heat just can't last
So, copin' is the best I can do
I'll, suspend my debatin'
While patiently waitin'

It's hotter than hades

certainly a different type of song here nothing like it around

I really like the laid-back, jazz contemporary vibe of this "hot" tune! nice piano lays down cool jazz voicings for the vocal to augment. The vocalist choice is perfect for this piece.
Nice progressions and melodies, familiar yet fresh ... and a twist here and there. Very cool... er uhm... "hot" track! ;)

I enjoyed the bar lounge feel.

Really liked the approach to this tune. at first I thought of Billy Joel.
instrumentation was cool. Good mix & good vocal placement.

A jazzy cabaret style song with a great voice and accompaniment. Entertaining, a universal topic, heat!. A very confident singer on top of his lyrics well integrated into the backing music. It has a strong retro sound of entrances to grand hotels I wouldn't call it pop it is too sophisticated and the genre needs to reflect the natural market for the song.

love it...... the is great

Has a nice jazzy flow to it. It swings but in a more of a flowing sort of way. Love that about it. The 50's type vocal work well for this tune and the lyrics are very expressive in old school sort of way. Nice effort here, enjoyed it.

A verry nice voice and a professional arrangement. A good build up, starting with the piano first and than the orchestra, really nice and smooth and easy to listen to.Good job!!

Excellent tone to the male performer's voice. The music is very reminiscent of Louis Armstrong and should work well in jazz clubs and for jazz radio. The lyrics were excellent and very cleverly written. Also found the song to be very original. Taking something like the weather and making it the theme of a song is not a thing that very many of us think about so kudos to the composer for thinking out of the box.

I like the vocals, sounds a little like Steely Dan - The drums also sound very good.

Classy song. Lovely arrangement. Great musicianship. Entertaining lyrics. Compulsive vocal performance. Length just about right. Retro but modern at the same time.

Good idea, sounds a bit like Steely Dan or Sting music at times.

Real nice bluesy vocals and music feel o it, Great offbeats and dynamics.

Almost sounded like AUTUMN IN NY. Similar to Frank Sinatra. Really liked the vocal and the instrumentation, arrangement and recording.

Emotional Weather Report? I can hear Tom Waits schmoozing this over his piano ;) Great lyric and fabulous vocalist. Orchestration? Perfect.

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher Bill Dake:billdakemusic
Performance Bill Dake Label None
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