Baby Said Bye, Bye

Story Behind The Song

It might have happened....

Song Length 3:16 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Troubled Subject Breaking Up, Loneliness
Language English


Cruisin' past familiar windows
He feels his heart start to race
Wants to stop, but this joint's off limits
Since his Baby Said Bye, Bye
Like to peek through those smokey curtains
Catch a glimpse of his past
God only knows his future's uncertain
Since his Baby Said Bye, Bye
Bye, bye

Shakes his head, hits the throttle
Leaves the vision behind
Soon he'll be seekin'
Truth in a bottle
Since his Baby Said Bye, Bye

Same routine, same old endin'
Another day in the dark
Another lifetime not comprehending why
His Baby Said Bye, Bye
Bye, bye

Strugglin' through all the residue
Since his baby flew

Sinc his Baby Said Bye, Bye

Farewell, adios, sayonara

This to me is expressive Jazz piece, less about formula and more about a feel and groove and emotion. Charmingly loose as a Jazz performance might be.... Instrumentation is good in support of the piece. Great guitar work in the intro

Really like the bass coming through and holding the song together. Piano work is great. Love the acoustic guitar accents. The electric guitar at the end was great too.

Reminds me of the Jim Croce/Van Morrison/James Taylor era! Good recording with that light jazzy/rock/blues flair.

Very smooth guitar - makes the intro sound great! Enjoy the piano as well. Voice fits perfectly. All the things I wish I could do well! lol

Mixed very well

Nice, mellow piece with a cool bluesy feel to it. Nice instrumentation.

This is not blues-kinda new age jazz.Sorta Michael Franksish.

Started out with a Leon Redbone vibe. Nice! Nice vocal sound. Really a pretty recording with nice, natural acoustic piano. I'm' sure a fan of the performances! This is a very real, rootsy jazz blues tune with all the right elements. Tastefully played fills and solos, with an interesting vocal delivery. I'd enjoy hearing more of this.

Unique and totally-compelling song! While listed as Blues, I hear this as Jazz all the way. Beautiful recording with amazing tone on the guitar and rock-solid bass and keyboards. Somewhat of a John Sebastian vocal is a quite unexpected touch. Really good stuff.

Soulful lounge blues! The vocals are cool as a cucumber. Nice piano! In fact, everyone on this recording has a handle on how to work the song. Lots of contrasts. Nice and tasty, just the way I like it!


Nice smoky and down low jazz/blues groove with some solid backing and nice playing.

I really like the lead vocals and the way the drums and the rest of the instruments blend together - I really like the piano - sounds a little like Steely Dan.

Nice jazzy groove. You utilized some very nice/interesting chording. The lead guitar lines were very tasteful, not overpowering, and EQ'ed so they came through well. The keys were a nice contrasting line to the melody and rhythm lines. Great vocal harmony parts; just what my ear wanted to hear. Nice instrumental to vocal mix except for the bass line ( see below).

nice instrumentation..nice and laid back..great guitar fills, I called it R&B but fused with a bit of jazz..all in all a nice solid jam.

very nice song i enjoyed listening to this song you have a very nice voice

Extremely original! Cool bluesy ambiance takes over from the intro all through the song to the terrific ending. Farewell, adios, sayonara...loved it! I also like your very fresh rhymes (throttle, bottle; residue/baby flew). Gotta know if you were using a rhyming dictionary or your unassisted (brillant) brain. Loved your word pictures: smoky curtains, future's uncertain, joint's off limits.

Nice guitar work and feel. Kind of puts me in mind of James Taylor. Very jazz like in it's progression. I really like the way this song is put together, very nice..

Great band sound. Love the bluesy swing-jazz combination. A smooth but bluesy quality to the vocal. Especially good chordal progressions from 1:00 to 1:20. Excellent recording, smooth and crystal clear with a nice rich bass.

Really like this ultra sleek and cool take on The Blues. This song is a top notch arrangement with outstanding piano and guitar accompanied by a tight rhythm section. The eclectic style of vocals works well with this bluesy lyrical work. Very nice...

GREAT SINGING!--love this whole thing--all the way around--reminds me of the old days--which were great old days--YES!--I felt like I was at the club you were performing in!--great stuff!--thanxs--joe

You don't hear a song like this every day
More of a smooth Jazz(rock?) than Blues

real nice dynamic and feel and very natural

Nice movement in the instrumentation .... Keep up the good work! Would make a great blues instrumental.

It's a really "Feel Good" song! I am not sure if it should be under Rock-General but more leaning to Bluesy Jazz feel...The Pianist is amazing, v. talented & lays lots of passion in his playing. I like the vocalist, he's got that unique flavour, that is his own Joe Cocker. Love the harmonies too!

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher Bill Dake: billdakemusic
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