(Don't Want to Live in) California

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - General


(Don?t Want to Live in) California

Spring and fall, borning and dying
When the light is right
you can?t tell them apart
You and I, laughing and crying
We could talk all night
and never cut to the heart of

What?s really goin? on
We just can?t live together
We can?t go on
Seasons and weather change
and so have I, so have I

Day and night, links on the same chain
when the daylight fades
it looks just like the dawn
love and hate, part of the same pain
we could turn out the lights
and never let on we know

and I don?t to live in California
where the seasons are markers
on the pages of a calendar
I want to see the seasons in the sky
see them in my lover?s eyes
feel them in the part of me
that changes with the tide

sea and sky, light and reflection
in the ocean?s face
you can still see the sun
you and I, fear and attraction
we just stare into space
hurting and stunned by


Lyrics Beth Scalet Music Beth Scalet
Producer Beth Scalet Publisher marais des cygnes music (BMI)
Performance Beth Scalet

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