Dance to Your Blues

Song Length 3:43 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Rock


Dance to Your Blues

come to sing my songs, come to play my music
and I try to leave you smiling
but sometimes when I?m feeling kind of lonely
sing a happy tune and end up crying

play in the band and make everybody happy
play in the band and make ?em kick off their shoes
pour your soul out
leave it there for no one
ask yourself why everybody wants to
dance to your blues


I had a melody, tried to write a song
but I just couldn?t find a rhyme
had some things I really wanted to say
but I guess it?s not the right time
the right time


?though it?s a sad song that I?m singin?
it?s not the only one I know
and when I have something to smile about
I?ll be the first one on the floor
and we?ll go dancing

Lyrics Beth Scalet Music Beth Scalet
Producer Beth Scalet Publisher Marais des Cygnes Music
Performance Beth Scalet

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