I'm Glad it was You

Song Description

Glad to meet again and reminisce with an old friend/lover

Song Length 2:50 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Glad Subject General
Similar Artists Harry Chapin


Words & Music Ben Sands, 1993 Copyright Control

I'm glad it was you and not somebody else
that I met when I walked in the door
Seems like an age since I stepped on the stage
and I thought I would see you no more
But it's easy with hindsight to know where to turn right
it really just happens in dreams
We were young, so young then
when nothing is quite what it seems (2)

So, what are you doing and where have you been
since we both felt the need to be free
Did the job that you talked a bout ever quite work out
or had you to travel like me
Well you know just how hard it was, breaking my heart it was
just to see blue on the sky
We were young, so young then
finding it hard to get by (2)

Now after all this time I'm back here again not much further than when i began
A little bit older and maybe the wiser
still doing much less than I can
But who counts the wothwhiles or measures a gir's smile
And who puts a value on dreams
we were young, so young then
when nothing is quite what it seems (2)

Lyrics Ben Sands Music Ben Sands
Producer Ben & Colum Sands Publisher Elm Grove Music
Performance Ben Sands, Arty McGlynn, Rod McVey, James Blennerhasset Label Spring Records
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