To The Battlefield

Song Description

Think soldiers, gearing up, armored vehicles leaving an army base. the camera takes you along with one of the soldiers, looking over his schoulder, overseeing the battlefield. He's looking at his fellow soldiers, tense faces, nervous, preparing for what has to be done. View from inside a chopper (second part,when the metal guitar ends, music only, no soundfx) your board gun in view, and behind that, the overview of the battlield, bombs hitting, infantry advancing, bullets hitting the chopper. final part: Landing, you leave the chopper with the main character, dodging bullets, watching your fellow soldiers commence battle as you seek shelter. advancing... (final part) and then when the music hits the end, the main character charges at an enemy to fight.... then fast fade out. (final hit) if it's a trailer, "coming soon"

Song Length 2:08 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Stressed, Tense
Subject War, Armed Forces Similar Artists Hans Zimmer
Era 2000 and later
Music Floris Bekker Producer Floris Bekker
Publisher Floris Bekker Performance Floris Bekker
Label BAP Records
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Playlist Creator Playlist Name Date Added
Julia Schmidt My Top Songs 10/9/2013
Margot de Graaff Dutch Music 10/4/2013
Crosseyed Miles My Top Songs 10/1/2013
Penny Towers best dynamic soundtrack 5/5/2012

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