The Sins of the Father

Song Description

Just because your father was a drunk does not mean that you have to be!

Song Length 3:46 Genre Pop - Classic, Folk - Rock
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Nonviolent Subject Father, Addiction
Language English


When the sins of the father pass down to the son
You are doomed to repeat his mistakes
For the rules you have learned to decide right and wrong
Can?t compete with this pre-ordained fate.

So you follow your instincts the best way you can
Still a hollow inside you can?t fill
And you question your motives, yet act like a man
With your life built up round the next thrill.

These things were not up to you
The years that you thought you were true
Were not wasted or just blown away
For they made you the man here today.

Like father, like son, that?s the way it begins
And the safety in things you have known
But he with eyes open is he that will win
Even thought this black seed has been sown.

Just because there?s a mountain, you don?t have to climb
You can stay with your feet on the ground
When the oceans around you are made up of wine
You decide if you?ll swim or you?ll drown.

These things are all up to you
The years you have left can be true
Don?t you waste them with dark yesterdays
Let the fire in your heart show the way

When the sins of the father pass down to the son
You?re not doomed to repeat his mistakes.

Lyrics Andy Goggin Music Andy Goggin
Producer Ole Berg
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