A Man Like Me

Song Description

We follow a lonely alcoholic as he wanders the streets at night after the bars have closed. We follow him until the morning and are privy to his thoughts.

Song Length 4:37 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerless, Moving Subject Addiction, Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Language English


And so I walk these lonely streets at night, it seems so right
To crawl inside myself and close the door
?Cos I don?t want to be here anymore
Life?s just too lonely, when you?re the only
Man like me.

The harbour lights are getting closer now, I wonder how
It would be to sail across the seven seas
Would some far off place accept and set me free?
Or on some fateful day, would they send away
A man like me?

For what kind of world is this
Where children cry and drunkards kiss
Hey father, won?t you say a prayer for me?
For I?ve tried hard myself to pray
But God?s not home, He?s run away
And left this empty bottle on my knee.

And as the morning sun begins to rise, it?s no surprise
To find the world has turned it?s back again
I guess it couldn?t stand to face the shame
Of one more down and out, another living doubt
A man like me.

And so I walk these lonely streets again, it starts to rain
And wash away my sins and set me free
?Though I don?t want to be this tragedy
Life still keeps calling, when you?re a falling
Man like me.
A man like me.
A man like me.

Lyrics Andy Goggin Music Andy Goggin
Producer Ole Berg Performance Vocals - Lars Nielsen

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