Zero Avenue

Story Behind The Song

I got the idea for this song when driving along the US border in British Columbia, Canada. The very last street in Canada next to the border is Zero Avenue. It just came to me that would be a brilliant song title and the lyrics took off from there. My song writing partner John Roles played me a two chord intro one night that he had been saving for something else and that was the beginning of the musical inspiration for the song.

Song Description

A man born on the wrong side of the tracks who can never escape the road he was meant to walk. His life is a series of sleazy streets and bad characters with no hope of escape - until he finds escape by accepting his fate.

Song Length 4:46 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing, Heartbreaking Subject Failure, Sadness
Similar Artists Tom Waits, Eric Clapton Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Zero Avenue

Born on a street without a number
It starts up in the heartlands and ends here without you
On the city walls the graffiti scrawls
Read no escape from Zero Avenue

I walked my blues away for hours
Kicked up the dust and scuffed off all the shine left on my shoes
Between the cracks and empty caps
That define the view without you on the avenue
Zero Avenue
Down on Zero Avenue

And I say love is overrated
These days it seems a little priced beyond my means
Winter grips the heart of our hero
With colds as low as zero
Down on Zero Avenue
On Zero Avenue

No winds of change
Blow dreams of revolution
These streets are paved
With the stones of disillusion
I hope some day I'll find a way
To make my great escape
But no one's got the fare to ride

I'll play the accidental tourist
I'll learn to love these ways and make this road my own
I'll spend my days swinging off a suitcase
Guess I've walked that way since I was born

I'll stroll the sidewalks in the evening
With certain friends that crossed the border north from Veracruz
I'll send my warm regards from the boulevard
The street where only broken dreams come true
Zero Avenue
Down on Zero Avenue
Zero Avenue

Written by:
Al Hovden and John Roles
P: 604-737-1308

Nice feel. The guitar has a great tone and keeps interest throughout the tune.

Lyrics Alan Hovden/John Roles Music Alan Hovden/John Roles
Producer John Roles
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