On The Corner Of Lonely & Lost

Story Behind The Song

Special thanks to my co-writer, Christopher Hawthorn and producer/guitarist, Larry Beaird. Larry has recorded with Faith Hill, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts and Art Garfunkle, to name a few, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Song Description

Here is the story of two lost souls who found each other on the corner of lonely and lost.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Engaging, Glad Subject Love at First Sight, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Lady Antebellum Language English
Era 2000 and later


I gave up on romance
The morning I turned 23
His painful words still haunting
"Baby, It's not you, it's me"
I played the fool so many times
I swore I'd never trust again
Around this heart are prison walls
But somehow you found your way in

I met you on the corner of lonely and lost
Broken hearted, empty-handed
Didn't know if I'd ever make it through
Then I ran into you (Whoa)
I fall into forever every time we touch
The two of us together
Got all tangled up in love
On the corner of lonely and lost

Standing in the shadows
Burned too many times before
If love is just a gamble
Well, I can't play that game anymore
You starred me down to call my bluff
Smiled at me, then showed your hand
The two of hearts was all it took
I folded right when you walked in

If it's true that blessings come in disguise
Mine came when I looked in your eyes, yeah (GUITAR SOLO)

I was lost but now I'm found with you around
I was blind but now I see what you do to me
Love changed the two of us
When we met on the corner of
The corner of lonely and lost

Simply excellent! Great Lady Antebellum feel/sound. Impressive musicianship.

Great vocals and instrumentation. I really enjoyed listening to this song, it had a good feel too it all the way around. The lyrics flowed really well and told a story, which is what Country music is all about. Great hook. This was a really well presented production and made the song something that I could easily listen to several times over.

Great country song!! Can definitely hear a " Lady Antebellum" style perfectly! Beautiful vocal harmonies, great instrumentations.... The bridge is superb:))!!

This is a great song. Fabulous hook. Great lyrics. Wonderful music. Fine song structure. Super bridge. Catchy melody. A well-crafted and produced song.

Lyrics Adam Avery & Christopher Hawthorn Music Adam Avery & Christopher Hawthorn
Producer Larry Beaird Publisher Larry Beaird
Performance Beaird Studios
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