Killer Moves

Story Behind The Song

There are two versions of this song. As I was recording this, I did notice it had a cinematic feel to it, so I "bent" a few Ennio Moriconne themes to fit in the framework of the song. The first version had that Moriconne "feel" to it. In the second version, however, I went all-out Spaghetti Western! It was a lot of fun.

Song Description

I don't know if its a universal phrase, but here in my 'hood, if someone in sports (i.e. basketball) gets one by you, they're said to have "Killer Moves". I simply used this phrase to describe an elusive lover.

Song Length 4:44 Genre Country - Rock, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Heartbreaking Subject Change, Bad Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Killer Moves
Lyrics and music c. Steve Waddington

Anytime you got her down, you think you know just where she is
she loses you
And every time you come around, she's on to something else and that
just bruises you
You're hungry again, and caught in a game you can't win

She's got those Killer Moves, you better keep your head
She's got those Killer Moves, you'll wind up left for dead
Killer Moves

You used to be so big and strong, but now you're on your knees and its
confusing you
You should have known it all along she only gets her kicks while she's
abusing you
She's too hard to hold, and leaving you out in the cold

She's got those Killer Moves, you'd better not forget
About her Killer Moves, it isn't over yet
Killer Moves

When she comes home, she tells you that she really loves you
Until you're alone, and you know it isn't true
Killer Moves

You pick your pride up off the floor and start again, but pretty soon
she's haunting you
And all too soon you're back for more, ignoring all the times that she
was taunting you
So this is your fate, you found out a little too late
About her Killer Moves, she set her sights on you
She's got those Killer Moves, there's nothing you can do
About her Killer Moves, she knows you can't resisit
She's got those Killer Moves, and ignorance is bliss
Killer Moves

Lyrics Steve Waddington Music Steve Waddington
Producer Steve Waddington Performance Steve Waddington

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