Story Behind The Song

Its a song that plays on two distinct levels. On the surface it could be a song about a troubled love, but in truth its a metaphor for addiction. (And it doesn't neccessarily have to be drugs, it could be any addiction/temptation.)

Song Description

Sometimes there's that fine line between desire and obsession that gets a little blurred.

Song Length 4:03 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Poignant Subject Philosophy, Addiction


Lyrics and music c. Steve Waddington

She wants all that I can give
What I've got is not enough
She makes living here so hard
She makes loving her so tough
She looks straight into your heart
And she moves without a sound
And you would kill for just a kiss
Whenever Desiree's around
Whenever Desiree's around

I would promise her my soul
If that would keep her satisfied
But I seem to lose control
As my composure starts its' slide
And she leaves me in the dark
And I'm crawling on the ground
Yet I always ask for more
Whenever Desiree's around
Whenever Desiree's around

And her face is china white
And her hands are cold as ice upon my spine
And Desiree is mine...

All she wants is what I've got
Sometimes its all a bit too much
I feel her hands around my heart
I feel I'm drifting out of touch
I lick the poison from her mouth
And we make love without a sound
And I'm not anywhere at all
Whenever Desiree's around
Whenever Desiree's around

Desiree's around...

Lyrics Steve Waddington Music Steve Waddington
Producer Steve Waddington Performance Steve Waddington, Patty Weiss (violin).
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