Turn Us Back Around (studio live, stripped down version)

Song Length 4:13 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
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Breaking down the silence
Breaking down the walls
Something more to believe in
Is there something more than love?

I know your right beside me
When your not there at all
I'll be right beside you
To catch you before you fall

When I'm needed I'll be around
The distance between us
Can always turn us back around

I know just what your thinking
The memory doesn't last
I'm not good at sorry
I've never been good with the pain

Head in my hands tomorrow
I should have released it today
At times life pulls us under
its he'll living in the past

When I'm needed I'll be around
The distance between us
Can always turn us back around

Heartfelt vocals, lyrics feel genuine

Unique piece of music...Vocal is very strong...Sounds very familiar .

Good song great potential

Beautiful Mellow song. Vocals are well done. Voice I really like the gruff but mellowness contrast.

This is a melancholy, heartfelt song with powerful vocals about a breakup with a glimmer of hope. It's the kind of song that a singer sings at last call when the lights go on and everyone's having their last drink.

Nice melancholic love song with a lot of potential for TV and Film.

I can see exactly where you are going with this, the message. Digging it dude, really digging it.

Emotional song. Soulful vocals.

This has potential, especially for TV!

nice dark stripped back ballad. good raw rock vocal style
good track for sitting back and listening to in the dark with a vodka or two. i enjoyed it. real and has heart

Strong voice. Good song which if were done in production quality would be more appreciated. Enjoyed it.

Lyrics Stu & Sonny Music Sonny: Electric Guitar | Stu: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Label Noise from the Woodshed
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