Rise Up Now, Child

Song Length 3:36 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


It's time to fix this broken window
You could catch your death in here
And you're just a child.

You haven't stirred in 7 days
Someone should call a doctor soon
Or...open up the door
To let your Mama in.

I know your sheets are soiled and old
You've been lying in the stink of all the lying you've been told
Your bed sits on a broken frame
Rotten and unstable under the weight of misplaced blame

But you've got something special deep inside
Don't let it die
Don't let it die
It's all you're going to have sometimes
Don't push it down
Don't push it down
You can let it out when noone's around
You'll be all right
You'll be all right
Your songs will keep you warm at night

You thought you couldn't move
That you would lie here forever
But rise up now child

I know your scars, I've felt your wounds
I saw the things that cut you deep in the walls of this room
You curled up, you stayed so small
And you never took a step, so you'd never take a fall

Hey little child
Hey little child
You hear that singing deep inside
Don't let it die
Don't let it die
It's going to get you through the hardest times

It's time to teach this broken woman
You'll never see what's coming
Until you hold your head high

All this pain has made you strong
If you think they took the best of you, you've never been more wrong
For every fool who tried to pull you down
There's someone who truly loved you, who's gonna help you stand your ground

It's time to sing your song
So rise up now, child.

Lyrics Phoebe Blume Music Phoebe Blume
Producer Phoebe Blume Performance Phoebe Blume
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