Wallet With Ya ? (remix swing band arrangement)

Song Length 2:46 Genre Pop - General, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Wallet With Ya?
© 1998 Michael J. Palumbo III & Penny Towers Wilber

Come on sugar
Grab your overcoat
There?s a big sale on
We don?t want to miss the boat
By the way
Have I told you lately how good you look
and believe me baby
You know how to cook
Furthermore your hair looks great
You?ll have your wallet with ya won?t ya?

Why don?t you go out
And warm up the car?
Pull it up front
We don?t have to go far
By the way have I said
That you look great?
It keeps reminding me
Of our very first date
Furthermore it?ll be a blast
You?ll have your wallet with ya won?t ya?

You can be a witness
While I strut my stuff
I hope the ladies lingerie
has stocked enough
If we have time
You can buy some socks
Check out those rings
They?ve got some mighty fine rocks

I went window shopping
Just the other day
I saw a lot of deals
But you still had to pay
By the way
It?s much more fun going with you
Waiting on line
Is such a lonely thing to do
Furthermore I just love you so
You?ll have your wallet with ya won?t ya?

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Michael J Palumbo
Producer Penny Towers Wilber and creative force producer Performance Penny Towers Wilber, Michael Palumbo and the coolest crazy swing cats
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