Music My True Love

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Music is always there for you

Song Length 4:39 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals


Music My True Love
(c) Jim Clark and Penny Towers Wilber

I'm looking out the window
At a clear blue sky
I'm gazing out my window
Here so high
I'm playing my keyboard it helps me survive
Music my true love keeps me alive

And when I'm feeling low
And the world seems so unfair
Music is my loyal friend
One who's always there
It picks my spirits up
Gives me energy
I feel connected
Like a branch on a living tree

I'm singing my life's song
Feeling the beat
Or hearing a new band
Sounding so sweet
I'm listening on headphones
And I don't feel alone
Music my true love
Bringing me home

Here for me
Music is there for you
Music is there for me
Music is there for you

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Jim Clark
Producer Jim Clark and Dennis Wilber Performance Jim Clark and Penny Towers Wilber
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