it's wintertime (2007)

Song Length 4:00 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Instrumental

Great electric guitar work. Top notch pro production. Well done.

great sounding instrumentation.
real good mix.
cool guitar processing
looking forward to hearing more of your stuff

Nice showcase for tasty guitar riffs.

Absolutely stunning guitar tone to start the song! Great little groove with smooth bass and an interesting progression. Could easily be heard in film/TV background with slight adjustments. This is the type of easy-going style I could listen to for hours.

Salt lick Sally sweet daddy got the tune for you - laid back easy listening driving around the town music really cool record.

Really nice tone and feel on the guitar track! The guitar work is really top shelf. The piece has a great feel and structure to it, with some unexpected changes. I really dig it! Thanks for sharing it.

Great guitar playing. Liked the style and how the delay fit so perfectly with the phrases in that clean tone. Thought the change at 0:46 worked. Nice overall light touch on guitar that fit some of the sections sounding almost classical. Thought that detour into electronic was interesting at 1:30, with the arpeggios. Overall, a very stylish piece.

nice guitar work for sure. good beat, toe tappin' music. genre as i hear it might be blues...

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