A Better Life

Song Length 6:00 Genre Rock - Hard Rock

Like the guitar a lot, good solo. Good chorus and good message brought across with the lyrics. Like the ending!

The stereo acoustic guitars in the intro has a nice touch as they bounce back and forth in stereo. A lost art in the modern music world. The vocals are very reminiscent of Jon Bon Jovi. The message is very good as we all should be open to being taught to better ourselves. I like the build from the opening toward the middle of the song.

- I love how suddle it starts off
- Loved when the drums and bass came in in the second verse. I was expecting them to come in sooner and it was a pleasant surprise
- Arrangment was great and well-thought out. I loved how it built in well-defined steps
- I'm a sucker for guitar solos, you won me over at 4:40 haha great job

This is a great song. Great vocals. I like the lyrics. Nice guitar lead, sweet tone. Well mixed. The arrangement is really good. I like the emotion in the voice. I like the combination of twelve string and the mandolin. I like the dynamics. Nice transition.

Lyrics Dinwiddie/Maxfield Music Dinwiddie/Maxfield
Producer Dinwiddie/Maxfield Publisher Dinwiddie/Maxfield
Performance Dinwiddie/Maxfield
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Clean Clean

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