Turn and Walk Away

Story Behind The Song

A friend who fell in love, even though it was obviously one-sided, and hoping that he would change his mind and come back.

Song Description

This song is about a woman who fell in love with a man, gave her love to that man, and then after he used her he just walked away from the relationship. She was still holding on to the hope that he would come back to her for a long time.

Song Length 6:04 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking
Subject Unrequited Love, Heartbreak Similar Artists Trisha Yearwood, Adele
Language English


1. You are no different than the rest.
You profess love then walk away.
Did you believe that hearts don't break, my darling?
I guess that no one's broken yours.
This bleeding heart can't take this pain much longer.
Won't you come back and mend this love.

Remember the first time that you held me, baby.
Remember the first time that you said you loved me.
Remember the first time that you made love to me.
Only to turn and walk away.

2. You are no different than the rest.
Someday your heart is going to break
Then you'll look back and see me there, before you.
Waiting to hold you in my arms.
I'll never turn and walk away, my darling.
This love of mine will never die.

Repeat Chorus

You took my love and you just threw it away.
And yet you'll find I'm here to stay.
I beg you please, don't throw my love away.
Darling please, don't walk away.

Repeat Chorus and Repeat last line 3X

Lyrics Maria Elena Sanchez Music Maria Elena Sanchez
Producer Maria Elena Sanchez Publisher Maria Elena Sanchez
Performance Maria Elena Sanchez Label Maria Elena Sanchez

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