The Moment (ft. Javier Starks, G.P. Jackson & Bomani Armah)

Story Behind The Song

This song "The Moment" was written and recorded in a 12 hour burst of inspiration during one memorable recording session with artists Javier Starks, Bomani Armah, G.P. Jackson, and producers Darrick Atwater, Matthew Shell, & Trey Eley.

Song Description

Real hip-hop with epic rap verses and a triumphant vocal hook. -- The Moment (ft. G.P. Jackson, Javier Starks & Bomani Armah) -- Artists: -- G.P. Jackson (Vocal Artist) - -- Javier Starks (Rap Artist) - -- Bomani Armah (Rap Artist) - -- Music Production Team: -- Darrick Atwater aka Agent Method (Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Mastering) - -- Matthew Shell aka MTS (Co-Producer/Engineer/Mixing) - -- Trey Eley (Co-Producer) - -- Produced at Assembly Line Studios, Sterling, VA - -- Music Video & MP3 Download Coming Soon -- © 2011 Agent Method in association with Working Notion Entertainment

Song Length 4:33 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rap - Progressive
Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals Mood In High Spirits, On Cloud Nine
Subject Determination, Life Similar Artists Kanye West, Ludacris
Language English Era 2000 and later


[Javier Starks - Verse 1]
I do what I feel I should
Not what they say or what they would
I would live in this moment forever
But only if time was able to stand still I could
But then again maybe not
Because over the years I changed a lot
Lived in a house of shame, matter of fact
Tried to take me back but I changed the locks
Can't make the same mistakes twice
Life's too short (Yeah, I know that's right)
Paid my dues (Yeah, I know that price, had to earn my keep)
But I love my life
Ain't got no problem with grinding
Through the trials till I triumph I'm tired of being in this place
I'm a write 'till my wrist breaks
'Till I die and I escape
'Till then I'm going to hold my own
Play my part in the role I chose
Giving my max, it'll show I've grown
When I look back say I never sold my soul
No sir!

[G.P. Jackson - Chorus]
This is your moment
You've gotta shine
Time's of the essence
You've gotta find
To face creation
To change the nation

[G.P. Jackson - Verse 2]
I've spent so much time in life
Keeping myself from taking flight
Not allowing my light to shine bright
(to shine bright)
But this moment changes things
No more do I live attached to strings
Today I stand
I sing
I shout

[G.P. Jackson - Chorus]
This is your moment
You've gotta shine
Time's of the essence
You've gotta find
To face creation
To change the nation

[Bomani Armah - Verse 3]
No time to play around
Run wild
Check your hourglass
Check your sundial
Ask the Mayans
Check the Zodiac
It's slipping away, it ain't no time for holding back
Time don't stop
Every tick, every tock that rolls off the clock
Is all that you've got before you're underground
You better work your plot
Dreams differed just dry up and rot
This is your recipe
To fulfill your destiny
Work your plan incessantly
Knowledge is your weaponry
Choose your friends carefully
Plan your path cleverly
You'll live life so heavenly
With no regrets at 70

[G.P. Jackson - Chorus]
This is your moment
You've gotta shine
Time's of the essence
You've gotta find
To face creation
To change the nation

[Javier Starks - Verse 4]
Take chances
Go against the odds
Stay dreaming
Carpe Diem
Live each with a passion
Shine even when the stars ain't gleaming
Be the best you can be
Best of the best
No regrets, never less succeed
Express yourself
Wish the best of luck to the rest and spread your wings
Nothing can stop you, not you, you are too strong
Can't fall because you've got to move on
Now they're calling your name and this may never happen again
Living your dreams, passion and pain
Laugh when they say you won't make it
Hating, not fly like crashing a plane
Guess they never won one
Destiny, you should never run from
Because the sun comes after the rain

[G.P. Jackson - Chorus]
This is your moment
You've gotta shine
Time's of the essence
You've gotta find
To face creation
To change the nation

In such a time of change in the world and the rise of the voice of the individual - this could easily be an anthem. a rare, positive call to action and empowerment that also happens to be a great song. "Work your plan incessantly, Knowledge is your weaponry" and many other lines could all be their own t-shirts and will bounce around in my head for some time.

'The Moment' is a stand out alt pop track with a great positive message and fantastic powerful performances and production. Check it out!

"The subject matter of "The Moment" makes it a very "media friendly" song, and sports related media outlets should have plenty of uses for it."

MTS has something important to say, and he delivers it in style. Not content to do a simple rap over a repeating loop, The Moment is a sophisticated production that pulls out nearly every tool in the production toolbox to put its message across. From open-air breakdowns to pounding choruses, from raps with complex rhythms to well-sung verses, MTS reaches to find something all his own, which, after all, is what the song is about!


Clearly a lot of work went into this track/song. It really is conceptually an impressive work. I have always liked the marriage of Rap and Pop music such as Eminem and Jay Z. Simply put Rap verses with big Pop chorus. It can cover all bases in terms of appealing to the public and if done properly can have an impact. I really dig the message of this song as well. Sieze the moment, follow your dream and anything is possible. These of course are universal themes and can also have great application in the area of pitching for Film and TV/Ad opportunities. Success for you with this track I think depends most on what your trying to do with. Record deal, cover, sync use, etc. Without seeing the artist perform this song its hard to say what those possibilities would be, and to get a cover in this genre can be tough but the opportunities for sync use for this track assuming the various guest artists are amenable and you control 100% master and pub could be tremendous especially given your subject matter.

Nice message, great production.

Lyrics Javier Starks, Bomani Armah, & G.P. Jackson Music Darrick Atwater, Matthew Shell, & Trey Eley
Producer Darrick Atwater, Matthew Shell, & Trey Eley Publisher Working Notion Entertainment
Performance Javier Starks, Bomani Armah, G.P. Jackson, Darrick Atwater, Matthew Shell, & Trey Eley Label Working Notion Entertainment
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