Turn into This

Story Behind The Song

Inspired for submission opportunity for the TV show "Empire".

Song Description

Reflective, emotional R & B ballad about strained relationships.

Song Length 2:17 Genre R & B - Soul
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Regret, Dysfunctional Family
Similar Artists John Legend, Pebo Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Turn into ThisĀ©2015

Stanza one- Didn't know would turn into this, my special moments you miss.

My hope turned to despair, can I go anywhere, to escape all my pain?

Longing for normal to be, can't we just be family?

We should all get along, but often things go wrong, breaks up our only home, didn't know would turn into this.

Bridge- I hear others say, wish that they could be me, looking from the other side, the grass seems so green;

but what they do not know, many times it's a show, once together from the start, now we all drift apart.

Stanza two- Funny how trust you require, while you build on your empire;

regret keeps you awake, yet you won't give one small break,

loving you a mistake, didn't know would turn into this.

great Lead vocal...great intro...great story in the first verse. You had me there early. Good story and the vocals were pretty awesome!

I really like the lead vocals - I also like the sound of the drums and the bass guitar. Sounds a bit like Luther Vandross.

I like the song a lot. Your voice sounds very good, and travels through a wide range. The lyrics are soulful and heartfelt. I also really like the guitar solo at the end. The bassline is very good also. The quality of recording and mix is very good. The string arrangement is very effective too.

I love the piano, this a great ballad. Very nicely arranged.

Lyrics South Florida Gospel Music Award nominee Kevin Desire Music Kevin Desire
Producer Kevin Desire; Goran Rista, Earl Gardner; engineering Goran Rista Publisher Cle-Ru Publishing/SESAC
Performance Darryl Johnson, Kevin Desire, Earl Gardner, & Aarron Payne Label V.A.D. Music Group
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