We Didn't Fight Enough

Song Length 3:39 Genre Country - Traditional


It took all of fifteen minutes
To unravel twenty years of what we had
We both sat there in silence
Until the gavel fell and that was that
I left the courthouse in a daze
As we went our separate ways
I tried to understand
How we started like a ragin' fire
And ended up like ashes in the wind

We Didn't Fight Enough
I couldn't see it then
We'd pretend like nothin's wrong
Just to get along
Instead of sayin' what we meant
Maybe sparks have to fly
To keep a fire alive
Sometimes you gotta fight for love
We Didn't Fight Enough

I would leave it all behind me
Believin' there are better days ahead
But this lonely bed reminds me
Of words we should have never left unsaid
We never had the kind of fight
That turned to whispers in the night
We both were so afraid
Of losing what we had isn't it ironic
We lost it anyway

(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics Joe Iantosca/Mary Beth Stone Music Joe Iantosca/Mary Beth Stone
Producer Denny Martin Performance Jeff Carson

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