A Smile and a Tear

Song Length 3:39 Genre Pop - General, Pop - General
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Lost Love, Regret
Similar Artists Mariah Carey Era 2000 and later


Sometimes it happens on a crowded downtown street
Sometimes it finds its way in a quiet evening breeze
Sometimes it crashes like a wave upon the beach
That every dream we ever dreamed was in our reach
And though you broke my heart sometimes I wish that you were here
And I think of you with a Smile And A Tear

I fight the memory but the memory always wins
When winter nights rush in with what-if's and could've beens
By spring I might forget from time to time
And summer winds may take you from my mind
But when the leaves begin to turn and it's our favorite time of year
I think of you with A Smile And A Tear

A smile for all the joy you brought from day to day
And the innocence in the love we used to know
A tear to think that you could ever walk away
That you'd let it end that I let you go

Maybe someday you'll reflect upon the past
And find yourself amazed at how this life goes by so fast
Then you'll realize all the love you ever knew
Never equaled all the love I had for you
Through the mist off in the distance two young lovers will appear
And you'll think of me
I hope you'll think of me
Like I think of you
With A Smile And A Tear

Lyrics Joe Iantosca/Jerry Vandiver Music Joe Iantosca/Jerry Vandiver
Producer Denny Martin Performance Lisa Christine
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