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I was born on a burning river
I was cast out to sea
Every morning he heard my voice
And I told him what I need

My enemies? mouth does not tell the truth
Show me the right thing to do
Show me clearly how you want me to live
How much longer must I give?

Have mercy, have mercy on me
Because I?m weak
Have mercy, have mercy because my bones ache
Have mercy , how much longer will it be?

He had a lot of southern charm
With a northern edge, so smart
He flew faster than the crowd
He had a rainbow head and a rainbow heart

He had a lot of radical ways
With no open revolt, no part
He flew faster than the crowd
He had a rainbow head and a rainbow heart


Oh and the lightening flashed and the waves crashed
The black water didn?t want to release me
Then He shouted to the waves
?Let her go, let her go
She belongs to me completely?
She belongs to me completely

I was born on a burning river
I was cast out to sea
I was found by a rainbow maker
I mustn?t forget?.. just how miraculously

He said, ?She belongs to me? completely?

this soundscape drew me right in at the opening -- like I knew what I was in for -- smooth flowing track - subtle and easy to listen to... in some ways this reminds me of a Sade song -- not the vocals but the music - flows with a feeling and mood unapologetically even all through - no need to build and release - which is a bold move as song creation goes... bravo. This could definitely be in a movie or tv scene to support the appropriate mood or event...

Very professional job all round , what's not to like !

Very catchy and haunting tune. Feels like one is being lured in by the sirens. All back up instrumentation and vocals are top notch.

I didn't want to like this because I didn't enjoy the choice of sounds but it's a good song with good lyrics. The singer has a great voice and in my opinion does not need it wrapped up in synth patches. She sings with feel and expressed the lyrics well and to be fair what is played musically I liked and worked especially the piano licks

It's classy and professional sophisti-pop.

a somewhat mysticial vibe to this alternitive pop track. the music is erie and chilled. the vocal style is cool and suits the track pretty well. nice little chorus hook.
different and interesting ideal music to just sit back and absorb it all and let the music and vibe fill the room.

Wonderful singing and a very professional and enjoyable overall sound, recorded well. Sounds like a big budget major label release, although a little dated. Reminiscent of Sade or Alannah Myles late 80s records, or even Steely Dan's last two records. I think that (perhaps with a slightly more memorable hook) this could easily have been a big hit in the 80s or early 90s.

What can I say, I love everything about this song ... vocals are great, every word is clearly pronounced and understood, the music fits the words and context very well and it's pleasant to the ears.

hauntly intresting ,smooth warm ..outstanding!!

Lyrics Janet Murphy Music Janet Murphy
Performance Janet Murphy
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