Nothing You Can Say

Story Behind The Song

Milo Black of England had me to listen to the song and I immediately connected. I completely re-arranged the vocals and "sang my heart out"

Song Description

Love gone wrong song

Song Length 5:40 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Lost Love, Breaking Up
Language English


There is nothing you can say
There is nothing you can do
There is nothing you can give to me
To keep me loving you
I'm so uncertain now
But one thing I know for sure
The time we had together is gone
Oh it's gone
And I don't love you anymore

And I don't want to know
Don't want to hear
Your lies and excuses
It cuts no ice with me

Oh sad baby

I've turned the other cheek
And I've learned how to forget
But the times that I've forgiven you
Are something I regret
So many times you've hurt me
But I kept it all inside
(Sad baby)
But you've done this once too many times
That a part of me has died


You have nothing that I want
(Are you listening?)
You have nothing that I need
There's nothing left to keep you here
So just go and let me be

There is nothing you can say
There is nothing you can do
There is nothing you can give to me
To keep me loving you (4x)
Nothing you can say
Nothing you can do
Nothing you can give me

A very mysterious sound musically. Sounds like a Bond Theme, Lyrics are powerful the music is very well done, commercial. Love the guitar licks, great vocals.

A sad breakup rock song, similar in feel to Heart, particularly their song, "Alone".

Good into and first verse, full of mood and with some dark sounds behind the vocals it was a great mood setter. Very dramatic guitars with some good harmonies in the bridge. The guitar in the second verse really moved the song on and the synth built the track up as it progressed
Singer has a good voice that suited the song perfectly and the delivery got the mood and message over really well
Song is produced well and. All the parts are mixed well with the vocals sitting on top of the music.strong track, well produced and sung well

nice innovative fresh sounding track...

This song creates a great tension and anticipation. Vocal is strong with wonderful texture and the backup vocals come in just right and add to overall vibe. Guitar is seering and make the tension thick. Nice job!!

A very eclectic combination of sounds to create a definite mood and a very unique sound. The female lead vocal has such a beautiful, haunting quality.

Lyrics were surprising and delivered with great emotion. The instrumentality was spot on for this song. The mixing and balancing were nicely done. I'd love to hear more from this artist and her band! Nice bridge!

In my opinion, the harmonies (the vocal work) and arrangement are the strengths of this song. The subject is something with which all can identify. The build of the song is good and matches up with the story.

i cant find a negative thing of vocal: theres no hesitation,the vocalist knows ┬┤whats shes doiong, a mature voice :)

Nice overall feel to the piece. Real strong vocal. Nice build up in the song. loved the duitar work.

Lyrics Milo Black Music Milo Black
Performance Milo Black and Janet Murphy
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ILLI BROMAN My Top Songs 3/24/2010

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