Beer Cans and Memories

Story Behind The Song

A family member has been really broke up over the lose of his best friend.

Song Description

A man tells stories of the exploits of his friend and himself over and over because he longs for his dear friend.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Gloomy Subject Sadness, Loneliness
Similar Artists Jacson Bwn Language English


Empty Beer Cans and Memories

Thinking about the times, we had, sitting in that old bar...
How I laugh to myself, how wild and crazy, we were.
Times were simple then, that's who we, were supposed to be...
We'd throw back a few, turn up the radio, as loud as it could be.
Telling stories, on how, our lives use to be
We'd laugh till we cried, those memories, mean so much to me
Oh how I wish, I could have, those days back again
Throwing back a few, thinking how you, were my best friend
I miss you, dearly my friend; wish you were here with me.
It's a whiskey bent, and hell rising, leave a light, in the window, for me
It's a red hot, and righteous, It's she's got a ticket to ride..
Empty Beer cans, and memories, of you in my life
Listening to you, on the phone, never wanting to say goodbye
I tell those same old stories, about you and me, a thousand times
Times were happy then; I remember, how much fun it used to be
Now I throw back a few, turn up the radio, and you're here with me
I miss you dearly my friend, wish you were here with me
It's I love you Donna Gene, and Mary in the cornfield I see
Dusty cowboy boots, you wore, are still here with me
Empty beer cans, and memories, of you and me

Very well-written and soulful song with really good instrumentation and arrangement. You catch the mood very well. The kind of song that could strike a chord with just about anybody.

Classic rock anthem to faded glory and days gone by.

Lyrics Al & Buddy Hart, Chris Streber Music Hart Brothers
Producer Hart Brothers Music Publisher ALBUD Publishing
Performance Hart Brothers Label ALBUD Records
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