Nunzio Pagliano

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by John Findley's Tex Arcana Series

Song Description

A Stange Tune of Evil Spirits, Cowboys, And runaway Heroes

Song Length 6:36 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Disturbed Subject Sanity/Insanity, Fools
Similar Artists Primus, Pink Floyd Language English
Era 1800 - 1899


Nunzio Pagliano
(As inspired by Tex Arcana by John Findley)


Nunzio Pagliano
Parlour piano
and his evil violin hey
and his evil violin hey
and his evil violin hey


in a little-little town
called dirt-gulch Arizona
a sleepy little town of frontiering Americans
all dressed in dark brown faded leather pants
and everything was dry
and everybody was happy
until a stranger came into the town
a spindly little beady eyed man
who carried a small black case
and what was in the case you might ask ?
well it looked like a violin
and to everybody?s surprise
when he opened it up, it was a violin
just like everybody figured it was
and that made sense, and they said well.. that figures
'cause it looked like a violin case, but anyways.

he had pointy little Italian shoes
and he had little gold teeth and beady little eyes
and he looked like he came from some dark European mountain to
and he spoke no English
but a strange dialect in a squeaky little voice
and nobody trusted him because he looked
like he hadn't shaved in a long time
although his neat and trim little beard stuck out
and you could have probably poked a hole in your skin with it
and everybody said "yonder", yonder..
and he didn't understand what yonder meant
so he told them his name
so he said; "mon namo est Nunzio Pagliano"
and immediately the local town hero Tex Arcana sat right up
because he had heard that name before, he thought
but he wasn't that smart, so, he couldn't really remember

later that night
when everybody was drunk, at the local bar
and the local ladies kicked their heels up
and the local toothless men pawned all over them
'cause they were drunken slobs

Nunzio Pagliano opened up his little black case
and took out his violin and played it
and it went something like this

[ guitarist play a horrible chittering sound ]

nobody really liked that music
they'd never heard it before
they were all used to singing songs about horse races
and miners who had lost their daughters to terrible diseases
and they all fell asleep to Nunzio Paglianos'
Evil little tune
except for Tex Arcana, who came in with guns blazing
shot the hell outta the place, broke a few mirrors,
knocked down the chandelier
ricoched a few innocent bar people sittin' at the bar
dead asleep
and then ran out of bullets
Nunzio Pagliano didn't move at all
he didn't really care
he kinda hoped to die, 'cause he was curse

later that night, his coat suddenly flew off his back
and went around and strangled everybody in the little town
and they all died
except for Tex Arcana, who had ridden away in fear
as Heroes sometimes do

and Nunzio Pagliano, in the morning got on the Stagecoach
and the stagecoach driver thought everyone was just drunk
from the night before and just sleeping in
and didn't even notice the fact that
there wasn't even a dog alive in the town
and Nunzio hopped ont that stage
and rode away to another town

oh, as you've guessed so far
there is no moral to this story
except if a dark little stranger shows up

with a pointy beard, and a violin case
get the fuck outta Dodge, while the gettin's good

Lyrics Mark Steele Music Mark Steele, Al Crawford
Producer Mark Steele Publisher Mark Steele
Performance FraankenRawk
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