March Of The Damned

Song Description

A lovley little ditty to while away the night

Song Length 7:08 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Gothic
Mood Disturbed, Miserable Subject Doom



See the souls of the damned
Soldiers of evil damnation and War
Ever marching
Driven by the beast
The accursed general
Crushing the skulls of long dead heroes to dust
Beneath the earth
Far beneath
The eternal hells
Hear them marching
Souls of millions cursed and damned forever
Struck into a force indomitable
Ever replenishing, ever Marching
See the dim glint of the weapons
Forged in the fires of hell
The evil red glow
Decent into dark blackness
Onwards they tread
Oblivious to all but the will
Of The Beast
Twisted minions of death
Twisted souls
Soldiers of the nine hells
Crushing all before him
Crushing the light
Crushing All Field Marshall of Pain





Lyrics Mark Steele Music FraankenRawk
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