Time the Healer

Story Behind The Song

Written about a friend who lost his younger brother, and the pain and anguish he suffered whilst trying to deal with the loss.

Song Description

A song about the pain people suffer through grief of losing a loved one and dealing or not dealing with it.

Song Length 2:50 Genre Folk - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Welcoming Subject Sadness
Similar Artists Crowded House, David Gray Language English
Era 2000 and later


The world on his shoulders, the grief you'll see it in his eyes,
Trying to hide it all beneath a smile and some lies,
And it doesn't really matter if you can't feel his pain,
How could you ever understand if you've never felt the same?
Wash your hands of guilt my friend you know you've done nothing wrong,
Well its hard being your father like its hard you being his son.

The comic and the scholar and the fighter all talk at once,
Life was full of promises that have become redundant,
Dreams are things your suppose to chase not let run away,
well hope is for believers and God's got nothing to say,
But we don't listen cos we're all missing something or someone thats some part of us
and loneliness I know, can block out everything
Don't let it get you down
Because Time heals all wounds
or so I've been told, thats what I've been told, its what I've been told Its what I've been told.

Lyrics Daz Furey Music Daz Furey
Producer Daz Furey

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