C'est la vie

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this for my French speaking girlfriend at the time, she has since told me that my grammar was quite incorrect for the chorus but she got the gist of the song!

Song Description

A song about being in love with someone and letting her know she is the one. Telling her exactly how I feel abouther and that she should stay the same cos she's great. "c'est la vie" the title is french for this is life or such is life (my love)" . becau

Song Length 4:50 Genre Pop - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Engaging Subject Girlfriend, Wife, Other
Language Multi-Language Era 2000 and later


Don't be fooled, if I'm rude
most of the time I'm a great guy with plenty to say
I just get distracted and I'm quiet some days
the weather gets me down and some people too
please forgive me darling I'm not usually this blue
but its ok to feel this way when I'm with you
you seem to understand me like no others do
your patience knows no bounds and to that I'd testify
honestly your qualities are many and thats no doubt or lie
why lie about such a thing as that?
believe me when I tell you
Babe... sometimes you simply amaze me
Don't you go and change, oh change, oh change
for anyone or anything you see
your perfect to me just the way you are, you are, you are

C'est la vie, Moi chere,
J'taime mon rose, mon tout, Mon fil
Tu es ma joi da vivre

(Male Spoken voice) "Bien, Petal?
(Female Spoken voice) "ces't tout Bon!"

I'm telling the truth when I say I want you....
Life is something which happens when your busy making plans
I'm telling you all of this right now so you understand
that I love you, that I want you, that I need you,
that you keep me from falling down
Forget about whats been and gone
or who you've been before
It matters not a lot to me and I'll tell you whats more
Babe ....don't you know you saved me,
I was going crazy,
hoping and waiting and wanting and praying for you
only you

C'est la vie, Moi chere,
J'taime mon rose, mon tout, Mon fil
Tu es ma joi da vivre

Male Spoken voice) "Petal? tu es d'accord?"
(Female Spoken voice) "Je D'accord moi chere"

Lifes too short to be
holding back on
saying the stuff which is much better said
feelings and emotions shouldn't be left inside your head
to rattle around just write it out or shout 'em out instead
"the biggest regret is to have regrets"
you can quote me on what I've said
I don't care about these other people
just as long as you know your my sweetheart
Babe... I've made myself perfectly clear now
That I'm always here
for you

C'est la vie, Moi chere,
J'taime mon rose, mon tout, Mon fil
Tu es ma joi da vivre

Lyrics Darren Glynn Music Darren Glynn
Producer Darren Glynn Performance Darren Glynn
Label Darren Glynn

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