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"Katy's Little Nighttime Diddy" is a sleepy jazz instrumental that was inspired by insects of the night that harmonize and make their own special music. The title of this song was inspired by a little katydid which was fondly named after Katy Perry. This song was originally created as an entry in the SoundCloud Smithsonian Remix Contest, which required musicians to incorporate sounds from nature into an original song. Samples were taken from the following Smithsonian Institute Encyclopedia of Life Recordings, Courtesy of Thomas J. Walker: 1. Sounds from Singing Insects of North America: Japanese Burrowing Cricket (Velarifictorus micado) 2. Sound from Singing Insects of North America: Chisos katydid (Paracyrtophyllus excelsus)

Song Length 0:45 Genre Jazz - General, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Relaxed, Pleasant Subject Insects, Midnight, Night
Similar Artists Jeff Lorber, Norah Jones Language No Language
Era 1990 - 1999
Music Darius Ghanat Producer Darius Ghanat
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Penny Lea-Buzz Smith Unique 9/2/2014
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Penny Towers Comforting songs of a heavenly nature 1/27/2014

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