Where Those Angels Go?

Song Description

A longtime, recovering alcoholic considers jumping off the wagon.

Song Length 4:16 Genre Country - Cowboy, Country - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive, Peaceful Subject Worry, Happiness
Similar Artists Willie Nelson, James Taylor Language English
Era 2000 and later


Brand new pair of cowboy boots, he?s got his best jeans on.
Says he?s goin out on the town, says he?s gonna tie one on.

It?s been awhile now since he?s seen a bar;
Been awhile now since the town has seen him.
He dropped out for a little while; he says he?s droppin back in again.

Where those angel?s go, the one?s that keep an eye on him?
I guess he forgot their help gonna try it on his own again.

Some of those folks remembered him; nobody could call him by name
They went on talkin about the other night and back to their drinkin again.
The Bartender smiled. She?d seen him before, she was waiting for him.
They talked about how back in 93 he said he wasn?t comin back in again.

Where those angels go, the ones that keep an eye on him?
I guess he forgot their help, gonna try it on his?? own again.

Something inside him pulled like a string, somethin? that the bartender said
He laid a hundred by her hand and said I?m glad you?re still here.
Walkin out now he never looked back,
There was fear that he might stumble and fall.
He knew that if he drank and looked in the mirror,
He wouldn?t see himself there at all.

How do those angels know, when to keep an eye on him
I guess that bartender?s about as close as an angel will get.

Lyrics Dale Denker Music Dale Denker
Producer Andy Oxman Publisher Dale Denker
Performance Dale Denker, Kenny Marshall, Jim Lower, Dave Jarman Label SoundWorks Studio

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