Old Number Nine

Story Behind The Song

This song was created for a "Train Project" of all original music about trains. Project is "The Gandy Dancers."

Song Description

A song about an engine that could

Song Length 3:36 Genre Folk - Rural, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Vicious, Ecstatic Subject Laugh, Smile, Hero
Similar Artists The Charlie Daniels Band, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 1940 - 1949


Number nine was one of the older style, trains out in the yard.
She'd been parked in back with all the other abandoned cars.
Nine still had all her pieces though and that's with the caboose included.
Behind that was a car for rent and you could rent the whole car exclusive.

Red roses on the table, in the dining car.
Reserve spelled out in cursive, on those table cards.
The silverware was dull but them plates still had their shine.
They had a picture of an American flag and said the 4th of July.

Now the snow was falling hard, and I mean for a week.
The new engines couldn't pull their loads they'd have to wait for the thaw in Spring.
Those railroad men walked out to nine as they pulled on their gin.
We're gonna have to fire her up so she can open up the pass again.
(chorus 2)
Sittin' there all dirty and dusty, in the back of the yard.
Graffiti been left by vandals, on most of the cars.
And the track where nine was sittin', years ago had been bent.
They just never had a reason to fix it, they said we'll never use nine again.

Like a bear that's been sleeping, nine was slow on the start.
They finally got her light to burn but it was way after dark.
And then the call came out for coal aimed at the second car.
After years of sittin' there number nine was a leaving the yard.
(chorus 3)
The first 20 miles they say, was a pretty slow grade.
Out in front on that horizon loomed that mountain range.
Half way into, the mountain pass.
They said nine wasn't pullin', not like she did in the past.

Then the call came out again, throw in more coal.
We got a hill to climb boys, and it's a long way to go.
And when that mountain top, ridge came into view.
The fireman said we're low on coal, there's been too much of it used.
The wind blew up a blizzard, when number nine broke the top.
It was all down hill from here old nine she couldn't be stopped.
And the engines back at the yard, were waitin their turn.
Number nine had made it through the pass and she still had coal to burn.
And there were, red roses on the table in the dining car.
Sittin' there all dirty and dusty, in the back of the yard.
It's all down here from here, it will just be a level grade.
Number nine did what she was asked to do and that's how these songs get made.
Number nine die what she was asked to do and that's how these songs get made.

Lyrics Dale Denker Music Dale Denker
Producer Andy Oxman Publisher Dale Denker
Performance Dale Denker, Kenny Marshall Label Indie

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