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Christmas in the South

Song Description

Amidst the warm breezes and magnolia scents, 'Christmas in the South' is a melodic celebration of holiday traditions unique to Dixie, where the festive spirit is savored with sweet tea in hand, fireflies dancing in the twilight, and the echoes of carolers blending with church bells, capturing the heartwarming essence of Southern yuletide joy.

Song Length 3:42 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful Subject Joy, Holidays
Language English Era 2000 and later


Christmas in the South

(Verse 1)
[A] Here in Dixie, [E] snow rarely falls,
[A] Porches lit up, [F#m] and town hall calls.
[D] Magnolia's scent, [A] sweet tea in hand,
[E] Santa's warm welcome, [A] in our Southern land.

(Verse 2)
[A] Grandma's baking, [E] a pecan pie,
[A] Kids chase fireflies, [F#m] under the sky.
[D] Fried turkey aroma, [A] fills the night's air,
[E] Christmas down South, [A] love everywhere.

[D] Bells softly jingle, [A] in the warm breeze,
[E] Mistletoe hangs from [A] old cypress trees.
[D] No chilly chimneys, [A] or frost to be found,
[E] Here in the South, [A] joy's all around.

(Verse 3)
[A] Trucks dressed in lights, [E] shining so clear,
[A] Carolers' songs [F#m] we all love to hear.
[D] Church bells are ringing [A] across the town square,
[E] Echoing peace, [A] and holiday flair.

[Bm] Guitars gently strum, [D] songs full of glee,
[Bm] Winters of old, [E] tales by the tree.
[D] Heart of this season, [A] remains ever true,
[E] Love and warm wishes, [A] in all that we do.

[D] Bells softly jingle, [A] in the warm breeze,
[E] Mistletoe hangs from [A] old cypress trees.
[D] No need for sled rides, [A] or snow's icy touch,
[E] Southern Christmas warmth, [A] we love so much.

(Verse 4)
[A] Around the fire, [E] stories we share,
[A] Legends of old, [F#m] in the night air.
[D] With kin and friends, [A] blessings we see,
[E] Memories made, [A] 'neath the holly tree.

[D] Bells softly jingle, [A] in the warm breeze,
[E] Mistletoe hangs from [A] old cypress trees.
[D] Stars brightly shining, [A] guide Santa's way,
[E] Christmas in the South, [A] we cherish today.

[A] Here's to the season, [E] joy, love, and mirth,
[A] Southern Christmases, [F#m] the best on earth.
[D] Magic and wonder, [A] in each song we sing,
[E] Merry Christmas, y'all, [A] let the bells ring.

Lyrics Bob Juch Music Bob Juch
Producer Bob Juch Performance Deb Thomas
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