Story Behind The Song

a concept based on a call for Real Hip hop comeback

Song Description

Underground Hip hop; Boom Bap; Lyrics; Conscious Hip hop; Clean contents

Song Length 3:21 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Delighted Subject General, Philosophy
Similar Artists Nas, Reks Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1 ?
- Here's da new now
- Here comes wut u knew now
- This hewed in da past n' still now?
- Its arms /words from da real now?
- Can ask about /wuddup/ wut bdoes it mean now
- Signal has da floor in humility
- Signet scars in thoughts as in neurology
- My ideology /add in genes gin wit da cream
- /Sweet-hot/ this my Hip hop apology
- My community /I stand for/ it asks for
- The hip' stair leadin' straight into da hop unity
- A lotta dignity /that's for my pride in me?
- A lotta harmony /that's for my crowd in need?
- /That I stand for/ why...?
- Do u hast fiend as if u standard wild??
- Homie stay awhile?
- Hurry since facts stale aloud?
- Haughtly...?
- I look to present to pass In my vow that it's now???

?Verse 2?
- Man I'm used to "old rappin' "?
- Ol dayz I used to hole wrappin'?
- Only thisa wack catz usually trappin'?
- Young in habits /either listener or emcee?
- Ain't no my fault cuz I hada hate bullshit?
- Either ass hole or da ignorant emcee?
- N' this my "faux pas" /neva act fo' bullshit?
- Eva worka pull shit?
- Betta "gardez-vous" /shit!?
- Ain't no minds all dragged into baga bullshit?
- My resolution /work at da frontline?
- Now revolution is da uprisin' on-line?
- Check one to rise movement /music?
- Check on, realize /movement is da music?
- U leak, tweak grant re-enhancin' music?
- U seek /undaground/ representin' Malick?
- Soutin' onto pitch /Hip hop, real?
- Somehow...?- I look to present to pass in vow that it's now?

Lyrics Ben Malick Music Ben Malick NTEP
Producer Ben Malick Performance Ben Malick

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