Story Behind The Song

A concept based on a party where people are delighting that real Hip hop song.

Song Description

Party song; Real Rap; Clean contents

Song Length 3:21 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Cheerful Subject General, Happiness
Similar Artists Nas Language English
Era 2000 and later



Verse 1

Yeah !
Yeah !
Yeah !
Now let's go /rock da party / /yo/ rite now
/Real rockin' party/ you, rite now...
Need to rock ya body /Calm down/
I'ma rap ya party /yo/ rite now
This ain't gonna be ''pop'' now!
Please, have ya party real rite now This why I do want these keys...
Share in all streets that bounce
This is new shit!
With my old hard lyrics u hate
With my words, I give street shit
/U want mo'/ I bang it /real shit/
Ain't no bullshit!
No ''pop champaign'' when we hit shit
Show drowns da brain when da sweat wets
''So bounce'', da way music comes straight
Ev'body: stand up, shake!
Meantime, I watch out da ''rite play''
/Great time/ in one shot /da ''rare play''/
/Hourah!/ New ''Hip Hop horay!''
Babe, do u wanna ''danser''?
Da beat got da heat /not da light sound/
I beat that like ''hit'' that u neva found
This why I be down...
Wit Hip Hop music /da real bounce/

If u feel Hip Hop, get ''bounce''
If u're real, let's start getting' bounce!
In u, say: ''let's start n' get ''bounce''
/Double H/ we wanna bounce!
If u're real Hip Hop, get ''bounce''
In ya real HipHop, u need ''bounce''
North, South, East, West, we be down...
Wit HipHop music /da real bounce/

Verse 2

U can tell da word, about real shit
U came well-informed about real shit U can spell da word without mishap:
''R.E.A.L.'' shit
U can want it hard / u want to shake/
/U came hot ''ce soir''/ do u wanna shake?
''Voulez - vous de moi?'' /U'd like to say/
/Damn !/ Babe, u got shapes !
/Groove/ /my flow/ so u gotta make mouv'
Ain't no sorrow when I stretch mood
My soul have to sake...
Just wut it gotta set
HipHop, ''undaground'' as mention
It pops '' undaground'' /my nation/
This why I be down...
Wit Hip Hop music /real bounce/

Eyo! Mr H!
Real music, real bounce!
We too, can do da real rap, real bounce
That's wut I call "real music"

Lyrics Ben Malick NTEP Music Ben Malick NTEP/Hugues Germain ASSO'O
Producer Mr. H Performance Ben Malick

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