I'm Just Me

Song Length 6:32 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - General
Similar Artists Jacob Dylan, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Collin Hays


A father on the road of despair,
Who runs like a child to disappear.
She weeps as she curses his name.
And he drinks to swallow his pain.
(You want me to be, something I can't be.
You want me to give, something I can't give, to you, I'm not being rude, I'm just me.)

A junkie runs from her home.
Her mother cries for what? She doesn't know.
She just wants her princess back.
And it's all over when she fades to black.

A man burns his money on the track
and burns cigarettes by the pack.
And she has dreams of the home.
But she dreams all their dreams alone.

You want me close, not near.
You want my past to disappear.
I can't always do what you like.
I just don't understand this life.

Well I know I did you wrong, well alright.
I love you so much, even though we fight.
I can see now, what I could not see;
That I love how, even now, you still love me.
And I love you.

Lyrics Justin Seegert Producer Brian "BMo" Morrison
Label BMo Productions

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