Lanterns in the Sky

Song Length 3:23 Genre Folk - Contemporary


She lights the lanterns in the sky.
She lights the lanterns in the sky.
Don't need no reason why,
Don't need no reason why.
She crafts the stars and the angels and she helps them fly.

(Follow the sun and the moon, and all the pyramids too.
They were all built for you; they were all built for you.)

She makes the garden grow.
She makes the garden grow.
With all the seeds that you sewed.
With all those seeds that you sewed.
Oh won't you dance with me and feel the moss on your soles.

"Lanterns in the Sky" is a sweet, endearing heartland/acoustic contemporary folk song with strongly crafted lyrical messages, a simple memorable melody, and appropriately supportive harmonic motion. The song has some real potential to interest licensing clients looking for a simple, charming Americana folk tune for their projects.

Lyrics Justin Seegert Producer Brian "BMo" Morrison
Label BMo Productions
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