Shy Child

Story Behind The Song

Shy Child M/L by Alyson Mayne Dedicated to my ?BattleQueen?, I begin this journey as a 13 year old child. I was just learning about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my hopes, my dreams. Always being guided, nurtured and cared for by a women w

Song Length 4:51 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing, Engaging Subject Courage, Encouragement
Similar Artists Joan Baez Language English
Era 2000 and later



I?ve got a ways to go I know
I got a lot to learn, I?ve got a ways to grow
and there?s one thing I won?t forget,
Your strength among your weakness
When the battles won, we?ve just begun
I got a lot to learn from you

I?ve got a song to sing I got a story
A fairy tail with a happy ending
There?s a light that?s bright inside you
My shining star I?ll always follow

Now it?s my turn and I?ll be strong
I?ll keep you going I?ll keep you smiling
Just remember you?re not alone
Cause you are my night and day my sky and sea

Many say that I?m silent
but I got a lot to say, gotta? lot to give
And I won?t hold back these words of ?I love you?
My child like heart, will always need you

And now it?s my turn and I?ll be strong
I?ll keep you going I?ll keep you smiling
So let me try and will fly through
Look how far we?ve co e and how close we chose to
I?ll always be your shy child I used to
So keep and eye on me and I?ll guide you

Lyrics Alyson Mayne Music Alyson Mayne
Publisher Alyson Mayne Performance Alyson Mayne

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