Hands That Save

Story Behind The Song

Hands That Save M/L by Alyson Mayne Dedicated in Memory to Pete Loya Hands That Save was written and is dedicated to my uncle Pete. His life enriched ours and his humor made the world a brighter place. When asked which song I would embark upon fi

Song Length 4:21 Genre Folk - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging, Moving Subject Prayer, Hope
Similar Artists Joan Baez, Amy Grant Language English
Era 2000 and later


M&L Alyson Mayne

Here I am again, I?m falling on my knees
You lift my up when days put weight on my faith
You?ve always caught me then
Holding up my head
You?ve known my tears and you dried them time and time again

But I?m a little shaken, I don?t know how to try
And I don?t want to cry
Please tell me why, when I was up so high
And the world so small
But it knocked me down and he was gone
So I pray to the hands that save

Where do I go from here
When all I?ve known, has left me crawlin back on my own
When there are no more words
and there are no more songs
but his beat goes on again in my heart

If there?s one thing I know
It?s not the end
Because his smile caresses my soul
and I will just breathe his words of love
and I will fly
Because his peace goes on and his love runs wide
And his soul endures the passing of time
And he is up so high and the world so small
but it knocked me down
it knocked me down, and he was gone

no matter what I see I?ll believe
no matter if the tears fall again
no matter when I?m standing on the ledge
no matter I feel like giving up oh, I?ll believe
No matter I cant feel his touch again
no matter I cant see his eyes again
no matter his drums won?t beat again
Oh I?ll believe

So I?ll pray to the hands that save

Lyrics Alyson Mayne Music Alyson Mayne
Producer Linda Beasley Label BMI

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