sneaky lover

Song Length 6:02 Genre Electronic - Electronica, R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


I've been known to never compromise. To walk alone and not be victimized. There a times you creep into my soul. One touch and I forget you don't deserve this love.

Sneaky Lover....

What you posses makes my body moan. I put you out and then I want you home. You look at me with those sexy eyes. I'm hooked again! I need to get you out of my system.


Sneaking in my head I let you in and you can bet that in the morning i'll be kicking myself. Even pride and ego fade away the moment he goes down below, below below! Asking if I like it he can tell the way i'm biting on his shoulder like i'm outta my head. Kissing me all over when I'm coming pull me closer cause you like to feel me shake in your hands.


All my ladies if you feel me let me hear you say it with me he's a sneaky (sneaky) lover (lover)...

Maybe I should just enjoy the ride. It's not like I don't get off every time. They'll be times I'll let you in my soul. Oh how i'll forget you don't deserve this love. OH!


Lyrics Alia Marie Music Alia Marie
Producer Alia Marie Publisher Make Over Music
Performance Alia Marie

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